Sunday, August 7, 2011

some more progress

A line up of some of the important characters in Aviary so i can remember their scale to each other.

in order left to right: Gavin, Jae, Klyden, Mo, Cynder, Simon, Big Scary Banshee, Smaller less scary Banshee

I'm not 100% happy with Simon, and I think the actual comic will be in a slightly looser style, but it's still in planning. There's a handful of other important characters I'd like to add to this line up eventually as well.

And this is Terry and James, two other characters from Aviary. They are pretty in a sort of J-rocker way. I feel a little guilty designing characters this pretty. o_O

Did this on my ipad using the sketchbook pro app. One of my first finished ipad drawings. Played with brushes a lot, result is a little tacky, what with all the half-tone but meh, all fun.

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