Saturday, August 29, 2009

Encylcopedia Humania entry 01: The Hipster (female)

The beginning of a personal project. I want to make a humorous 'scientific journal' of various 'species' humans. This is a hipster female. Native to Williamsburg brooklyn. Diet consists of wheat grass, expensive vegan muffins, cigarettes, and organic fair trade coffee served by a person with a facial piercing and asymmetrical haircut.

stuff I've done over the past months

sketch from the met

some girls

girl that looks suspiciously like me putting her socks on

watercolor commission

watercolor commission

fan arts and general geekery

Harry Potter: Lupin and Tonks

Batman: Harley Quinn

Batman: Joker sketch dump

Watchmen: The Comedian and Silk Spectre I (aka super controversial flamer bait on deviantart... whatever :P)

Watchmen: Rorschach & pretzel

Watchmen: Walter J. Kovacs